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Mgr. Martina Oulehlová, Ph.D.


  * 1980, Šternberk
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Educational background & professional experience

  • 1998 - 2003 Palacký University, Faculty of Science, Olomouc, biology and chemistry; Master thesis: Micropropagation of Pogonatherum genus (Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc)
  • 2003 - 2008 Palacký University, Faculty of Science, Olomouc, PhD study in botany, PhD thesis: Anatomical and mycorrhizal features of some Orchidaceae species
  • 2005 - 2006 School of Nursing and Higher Medical School of Emanuel Pötting in Olomouc - Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Engineering (external teaching)
  • 2006 - 2009 Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University in Olomouc - researcher and technical-organizational worker in Laboratory of Cell Cultures (LBK) at the Institute of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 2009 - 2010 School of Nursing and Higher Medical School of Emanuel Pötting in Olomouc -General Chemistry (external teaching)
  • April 2013 Grammar-school in Šternberk - Biology and Environmental Education for Secondary School
  • 2013 - Palacký University, Faculty of Science, Department of Botany in Olomouc - herbarium administrator and lecturer


  • Jandová, M. , Oulehlová, M. , Vojtěchová, K., Kitner, M. , Duchoslav, M. (2017):Allium pseudotelmatum (Amaryllidaceae), a new species of Allium sect. Codonoprasum from Croatia.- Phytotaxa 311:139–154.[PDF]
  • Čuříková, M.  , Látr, A., Vosátka, M.(2009):Growth and viability of mycorrhizal extraradical mycelia associated with three temperate orchid species. Biologia 64/1: 63-68.
  • Látr, A., Čuříková, M.  , Baláž, M., Jurčák, J.(2008):Mycorrhizas of Cephalanthera longifolia and Dactylorhiza majalis, two terrestrial orchids. Annales Botanici Fennici, 45/4: 281-289.
  • Čuříková, M.  , Gallo, J., Ulrichová, J.(2007):Influence of synovial fluid from failed totaljointarthroplasties on SaOS-2. 6th International conference of PhD students, University of Miskolc, Hungary
  • Jurčák, J., Látr, A., Čuříková, M.  (2006):Preliminary observation of fungal colonization in a rare orchid species (Epipactis pontica Taubenheim) in the Czech Republic. Thaiszia - J. Bot., 16: 1-9.
  • Jurčák, J., Čuříková, M.  , Látr, A.(2005):The root anatomy and mycorrhiza in Epipactis pontica Taubenhaim (Orchideaceae). Thaiszia - J. Bot., 15: 11-30.
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