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prof. RNDr. Aloisie Poulíčková, CSc.


  * 1961, Zlín
mail to Aloisie Poulíčková
  Phone: 585 634 812

Educational background & professional experience

  • 1980-1985: Faculty of Science Palacký University Olomouc, systematic biology and ecology, hydrobiology, RNDr.
  • 1985-1988: Botanical Institute, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Třeboň, phycology, PhD. studies
  • 1989-1993: Microbiological Institute, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Třeboň, Dept. of autotroph microorganisms, research worker, PhD.
  • 1993-1996: Botanical Institute, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Třeboň, phycology, research worker
  • 1995-: Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc, research and pedagogical worker
  • 1998-: Assoc. Prof. in botany

Study and research abroad, lectures abroad

  • 1983 Symposium "Current problems in algology" Smolenice, Slovak Republic, lecture
  • 1987 Symposium "Progress in algal taxonomy" Smolenice, Slovak Republic, poster
  • 1997 6th International Phycological Congress, Leiden, Neederland, poster
  • 1999 2nd European Phycological Congress, Montecatini, Italy, lecture
  • 2000 16th International Diatom Symposium, Athens, Greece, lecture
  • 2000 International Conference „Algae and Extreme Environments“, Třeboň, Czech Republic, poster
  • 2001 Institute of Limnology, Austrian Academy of Science, Mondsee, research stay, lecture
  • 2001 15 th Meeting of German speaking diatomologists, Štětín, Poland, lecture
  • 2001 Microalgae and seaweed products in plant/soil-system“, Mosonmagyarovár, Hungary, lecture
  • 2002 Institute of Limnology, Austrian Academy of Science, Mondsee, research stay, lecture
  • 2001 Meeting of the Poland Botanical Socciety, Poznaň, Poland, lecture
  • 2001 „Shallow lakes“, Balatonfüred, Hungary, lecture
  • 2002 „Biology and Taxonomy of Green Algae IV“, Smolenice, Slovak Republic, lecture
  • 2002 17th International Diatom Symposium, Otawa, Canada, lecture
  • 2003 17 th meeting of German speaking diatomologists, Bremen, Germany, lecture
  • 2003 „Biotechnology of Microalgae“ Bergholz-Rehbrücke, Germany, lecture
  • 2003 Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, stay
  • 2004 18. Deutschsprachiger Diatomologen Trefen (DDT), Iffeldorf, Německo
  • 2004 18th International Diatom Symposium, Miedzyzdroje, Polsko
  • 2004 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, U.K., stáž
  • 2004 Meeting of British Diatom Socciety, Bristol, U.K.
  • 2005 Shallow Lakes, Dalfsen, Netherland
  • 2005 International Botanical Congress, Viena , Austria (poster)
  • 2005 Meeting of British Diaton Socciety, …., UK
  • 2005 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, U.K., stáž (vyžádaná přednáška)
  • 2005 National History Museum, London, U.K., stáž (vyžádaná přednáška)

Membership in Scientific Societes

  • Czech Botanical Soccety
  • Czech Limnological Society
  • Czech Phycological Society
  • International Society for Diatom Research

Research activities

  • ecology of algae and cyanobacteria
  • biomonitoring
  • taxonomy, reproduction biology and autecology of diatoms
  • collection of cyanobacteria and algae
  • database of cyanobacteria and algae published from the territory of the Czech Republic
  • bibliography of the Czech Phycological Socciety
  • editorship of Czech Phycology, journal of the Czech Phycological Socciety and Czech Phycology Supplement

Tutor of Bc and MSc theses

  • Merta L.(1996): Algal flora of the Račí potok Brook
  • Bělohlávek J.(1996): Summer phytoplankton of the gravel-pit Chomoutov
  • Švajková,A.(1998): Algal flora of the peat bog Rejvíz
  • Lelková, E. (2001): Phytoplankton of selected pools in the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area.
  • Jarošová, A. (2002): Epiphytic algae of spring fens of the West Carpathians
  • Látal,A.(2001): Phytoplankton of lake Poděbrady in the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area.
  • Kmet,J. (1997): Seasonal dynamic of phytoplankton of reservoir Nové Mlýny
  • Tomčala,M.(1998): Algal flora of the Velička River in White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area
  • Štejgerlová,M.(1998): Algae of the State Nature Reserve Škrabalka
  • Palochová,A.(1998):Biodiversity of algae in pools near Olomouc
  • Bělohlávek,J.(1999): The influence of reservoirs to periphyton of the stream.
  • Barešová,M.(1999): The influence of reservoir Letovice to periphyton of the stream.
  • Navrátil,M.(2000): Changes in phytoplankton composition in gravel-pit Chomoutov
  • Kitner,M. (2000): Comparison of phytoplankton of selected fishponds near Protivanov
  • Vařeková Š.(2000): The influence of light to growth and morphology of planktic cyanobacteria
  • Hašler P.(2001): The influence of nutrients to growth and morphology of planktic cyanobacteria
  • Švajková, A. (2000): Algal flora of the peat bog Rejvíz
  • Sýkorová,P. (2000): The influence of reservoir Šance to diatoms of the Ostravice Riveri.
  • Háková, A.(2000): The influence of polution and acidification to streems in Krkonoše Mts.
  • Křenková,P. (2001): Distribution of algae on bryophytes at selected spring fens of Moravian-Slovakian borderline.
  • Dřímalová, D. (2001): The influence of light and nutrients to growth and morphology of Klebsormidium flaccidum
  • Pakostová, A. (2002): Phytoplankton of new fishponds near Hradec Králové
  • Karabinová,H. (2002): Algae of renew fishponds near Bouzov.
  • Křížová, B. (2003): Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton at selected fishponds near Prostějov
  • Nováková,J. (2002): Distribution of epiphytic algae on Sphagnum
  • Lelková, E. (2003):Ecology of phytoplankton of selected pools in the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area.

Ph.D. students

  • Mgr. Miloslav Kitner, Ecology of attached algae (finished 2003)
  • Mgr. Petr Hašler, Ecology of planktic cyanobacteria (finished 2005)
  • Mgr. Darina Dřímalová, Biologically active substances in algae
  • Mgr. Eva Lelková, Ecology of phytoplankton in shallow waters
  • Mgr. Alena Kočárková, Ecology of algae in floodplain pools (finished 2004)
  • Mgr. Markéta Kozáková, MU Brno, Ecology of spring diatoms

Currently running projects

  • National program for conservation and utilisation of genetic resources of plants and microorganisms with food and agricultural importance B 3.7 Phytopathogenic microorganisms (spoluřešitel)

Teaching activities

  • Special algology
  • Algal ecology
  • Systematics and phylogeny of algae and fungi
  • Selected lessons in plant phylogeny


  • Kollár, J. , Pinseel E., Vanormelingen P., Poulíčková, A. , Souffreau C., Dvořák, P. , Vyverman W.(2019):A polyphasic approach to the delimitation of diatom species: a case study for the genus Pinnularia (Bacillariophyta). – Journal of Phycology(in press)
  • Villanueva, C. D., Garvey, A. D., Hašler, P. , Dvořák, P. , Poulíčková, A. , Norwich, A. R., Casamatta, D. A.(2019):Descriptions of Brasilonema geniculatum and Calothrix dumus (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria): two new taxa isolated from cemetery tombstones. Phytotaxa 387: 1-20.
  • Poulíčková, A. , Kollár, J. , Hašler, P. , Dvořák, P. , Mann, D.G.(2019):A new species Pinnularia lacustrigibba sp. nov. within the Pinnularia subgibba group (Bacillariophyceae). Diatom Research 33: 273-282.
  • Jahodářová, E., Dvořák, P. , Hašler, P. , Holušová, K., Poulíčková, A. (2018):Elainella gen. nov.: a new tropical cyanobacterium characterized using a complex genomic approach. European Journal of Phycology 53: 39–51
  • Dvořák, P. , Jahodářová, E., Casamatta, D. A., Hašler, P. , Poulíčková, A. (2018):Difference without distinction? Gaps in cyanobacterial systematics; when more is just to much. Fottea 18: 130– 136.
  • Hašler, P. , Pentecost, A., Jahodářová, E., Dvořák, P. , Poulíčková, A. (2018):Taxonomic revision of Ulva montana (Lightfoot 1777) and description of a new genus of Lightfootiella (Cyanophyceae, Chroococcaceae).
  • Villanueva, C. D., Hašler, P. , Dvořák, P. , Poulíčková, A. , Casamatta, D. A.(2018):Brasilonema lichenoides sp. nov. and Chroococcidiopsis lichenoides sp. nov. (cyanobacteria): two novel cyanobacterial constituents isolated from a tripartite lichen of headstones. Journal of Phycology 54: 224–233.
  • Hašler, P. , Casamatta, D. A., Dvořák, P. , Poulíčková, A. (2017):Jacksonvillea apiculata (Oscillatoriales, Cyanobacteria) gen. & sp. nov.: a new genus of filamentous, epipsamic cyanobacteria from North Florida. Phycologia, 56(3):284–295.
  • Dvořák, P. , Hašler, P. , Pitelková, P., Tabáková, P., Poulíčková, A. (2017):A new cyanobacterium from the Everglades, Florida – Chamaethrix gen. nov. Fottea 17: 269–276.
  • Jahodářová, E., Dvořák, P. , Hašler, P. , Poulíčková, A. (2017):Revealing the hidden tropical diversity among cyanobacteria using polyphasic approach, new genus Onodrimia (Synechococcales, Cyanobacteria). Phytotaxa 326: 25–40
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